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How to upgrade your SnackTools plan

October 27th, 2014

How we calculate the price difference:

When you upgrade to a new plan, we calculate the funds left from your current subscription and apply them as discount to your new plan.
To make it a bit more clear, read the following example:


Anna purchased a Yearly Flip Publisher on September 1, 2014.
She decides to upgrade to the Yearly Snack-Business on October 20, 2014. How much will she have to pay?

Here’s how we do the math:
The Yearly Flip Publisher costs $144. That is for 365 days, so the value per day is about $0.39.
Anna only used it for 50 days, so she used $19.72 from her subscription. The rest of the money ($144-$19.72) $124.28 will be used as discount when she purchases the Snack Business subscription.

The Yearly Snack Business costs $360, but she will pay for it only $235.72 this time. When the subscription renews (September 1, 2015) she will pay the full price.
As you can see, we are fair and we will do the math for you!

How to upgrade your subscription:

It’s super easy. Find the Upgrade option in the dropdown menu under your name and click it.

Next, select your new desired plan and click Post your order.
If you need any help contact our wonderful support team and they will assist you!

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Payment methods for SnackTools subscriptions

October 22nd, 2014

When purchasing  points or subscriptions from SnackTools, you can select your preferred payment method during checkout. Here are the payment options available in SnackTools:

  1. PayPal

If you don’t have an account yet, you should know that PayPal is available in 203 countries and it’s very easy to set up and link it to a bank account. If your PayPal payment fails, it is most likely because of one of the following reasons:

- insufficient funds
- your PayPal account is restricted, locked or inactive
- misspelled or wrong email address

The subscription plans paid with PayPal are set to auto-renew. If the auto-renewal fails (insufficient funds or other reasons) PayPal will retry the operation again after 5 days. If the renewal of the subscription fails again, your subscription will be canceled (7 days after the first try) and your account will become free.

  1. Amazon

It works similar to PayPal. You need an amazon account, connected to a card. Your subscription bought through Amazon is set to renew after 1 year, if you have enough money in your account.

  1. Debit / Credit card

We accept most major cards such as: American Express, Visa and MasterCard. If your payment didn’t go through it’s probably because of one of the following reasons:

- wrong credit card number
- wrong security code
- expired credit card
- billing address and ZIP code don’t match the billing address and ZIP code of your card
- blocked charge (some credit card companies block charges to online subscriptions) – In this case you can contact the card issuer and ask them to allow the payment

If the auto-renewal fails (insufficient funds or other reasons) we will retry the operation for 5 days, once every day. If, after 5 days the auto-renewal couldn’t be performed, your subscription will be canceled.

  1. Dwolla

Another option is Dwolla. It is available for US residents only and you need to have a Dwolla account to make the payment.

Other things you need to know:
You are charged in US dollars during checkout.
Once we receive your payment, the premium features will be activated immediately.
You can cancel the subscription renewal at any time from your SnackTools account -> Order History.

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FileSnack services discontinued

September 15th, 2014

Dear users of FileSnack,

Get ready to say your goodbyes to FileSnack, because we’re preparing to close it down. We’re too small and insignificant for the likes of Dropbox and Google.

We had few users registered on FileSnack, so we decided to focus on our other, more popular apps.

We will keep all active subscriptions and all your files on the cloud for 1 more year, making sure you have plenty of time to find another service. Here are some suggested new happy homes for them: Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, ShareFile etc

Please don’t forget to download your files before September 15, 2015, because after that they will be permanently deleted from our servers.

If you’re using other “Snack” apps rest assured, this is just about FileSnack.
All the rest of the SnackTools are safe.

Share your family photos

June 16th, 2014

Are you looking for a cool, interesting way to present your family photos? Look no more, because here comes PhotoSnack!

We recommend PhotoSnack for family portraits and event photos, because it’s super easy to use and to share. It will also add some magic to your memories.

How to make

  • Upload your images with drag and drop.
  • Add a title and description.
  • Pick a template and customize the slideshow settings (optional).
  • Share the link on Facebook and Twitter, to let everybody see your wonderful photos and relive the happy moments of your life.

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Make an Instagram slideshow widget for your blog

May 9th, 2014

If you’re a talented Instagramer and you also have a blog or website, it makes a lot of sense to display your Instagram photos on your website. With PhotoSnack, you can create and embed an Instagram gallery easily. Just do the following:


  • go to PhotoSnack and sign in/up
  • click upload photos, select Instagram, then select and add the images you want in the slideshow widget


  • select a template
  • change the size (if you set the same W and H then the widget will be square as your Instagram images)
  • change the slideshow settings (optional) Read the rest of this entry »
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Interactive online magazines with FlipSnack

March 25th, 2014

The publishing trends have evolved from print to digital, and along with that, other things have changed as well. The number of publications is growing incredibly fast, and the online opportunities are countless.

The best thing about online magazines is the possibility to add links – links are great for ads and ecommerce. But FlipSnack takes it to the next level: readers can buy directly from the catalog or magazine, using PayPal, without having to navigate away and risk losing the possible client. How efficient, right?

Do you know what else is great? The fact that you can use subscription forms to increase your subscriber list or gather valuable info about your readers. Here’s an article about all the advantages of using forms and how they work.

FlipSnack’s Links and buttons editor is perfect for making publications interactive. You can add YouTube videos, music, recordings and several other items.

You can try all of these for free! Just upload your publication, add links and buttons (and other stuff) and hit finish. Go to FlipSnack and make your interactive online magazine!

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Photo slideshows for Moonfruit websites

February 26th, 2014

There are many Moonfruit users looking for an advanced photo slideshow for their websites and we have a suggestion for them: use PhotoSnack. It’s an online photo slideshow maker that allows you to create professional photo slideshows and share them on the web. There are many different templates available and you can customize them extensively: change color, size, add audio.

How to make the photo slideshow:

  • Go to PhotoSnack and log in. (You can sign in/up with Facebook for an easy sign-in)
  • Add your photos -> Customize your widget – > Publish -> Copy the embed code.

How to embed the photo slideshow in your Moonfruit website

  • Go to Moonfruit, log in and go to your website.
  • Click Insert – > Html Snippet – > Insert the embed code provided by PhotoSnack

PhotoSnack slideshows can be used as website headers or interactive photo albums to add some dynamism to your website.

If you’re a free PhotoSnack user, you’ll have some limitations: 15 pics/ slideshow and a watermark applied on your widget. These limitations can be removed if you purchase the widget with points, or get a premium subscription.

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