5 types of notifications you can create in Notifysnack

Today we’re going to have a quick look at 5 types of notifications you can create in Notifysnack.

1 Sales and discounts. Probably the most obvious way to use Notifysnack is to highlight any kind of sales and discounts currently active on your website. This generally applies to e-commerce sites and it’s really useful if you want to highlight a certain category of products but you can also have a promotion like free shipping in the next 24/48 hours, bonus credit for purchases larger than X amount etc.

4 reasons to start using Photosnack today

Here are our top 4 reasons to start creating beautiful slideshows in Photosnack today!

   1. Easy to use. Upload your images or add them from one of your social profiles, click next and you’re done! You can also customize your slideshow, add sound to it, check if you want it to auto-play or not and choose from one of our 8 stylish templates. Now you can even add images from Facebook pages you manage! Speaking of Facebook…

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We take pride in how easy to use our apps are, after you create your widget all you have to do is copy and paste the embed code on your website and that’s it.

That being said we know a lot of our users are professional web designers, developers or even programmers who use our tools to make their lives and workflows easier. If that’s the case for you or if you always wanted to learn something new today we have a very special treat: our friends at Treehouse are offering an extended one month trial that you can sign up for and start learning.

Whether you want to start learning some web design basics or want to get more familiarized with a certain programming language use this link to start your free trial. Good luck and have fun!

Guidelines for guests posts published on our blogs

If you’re a content producer eager to get your work published you can always reach out to us if you feel your latest work would be a good fit for one of our blogs. Here are our guidelines that you need to meet in order to get your article published as a guest post:

  1. First and foremost, we will only publish unique & original content and we expect our blog to be the ultimate home of your article, because Google hates duplicate content.
  2. We expect detailed and relevant posts for any of the following blogs: FlipSnack blog, Bannersnack blog, Snackwebsites blog and SnackTools blog. We will not accept off-topic posts or posts that we find unsuitable for our audience. That means that you should be familiar with our family of apps. You should know who we are and what we are about.
  3. Your article should be between 300 and 500 words long.
  4. Do not include affiliate links! This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use links at all in your article, because some links are actually benefiting the readers. We reserve the right to remove spammy links or links that aren’t useful for our readers.
  5. Please send us well-written articles, with proper grammar and formatting. We will not accept posts that show a lack of control of the English language
  6. You can send us images, but they must be properly credited. We reserve the right to use a different image than what you send us, if we find your image unsuitable.
  7. If your content is accepted and published, you will no longer have the right  to republish it or to ask us to remove it from the blog. We also reserve the right to edit your article and include links and calls-to-action to other Snacktools content.
  8. We will not create guest accounts on our blogs, so you will have to contact us via email(jani@flipsnack.com) to send us your pitch.

If your post does not follow the guidelines, you may not receive a response from us.

Weekly article roundup 11 – 17 May

“I’m usually searching for a historical or emotional connection, that I can communicate to the reader. It’s somewhat illusionism, a playful trick on the viewer.”

“You can spend hundreds of hours optimizing a PPC advertising campaign, but if you haven’t laid down the ground work correctly, you’re just wasting time and money. This is true no matter what type of ads you’re running: Facebook Ads, Google Adwords or retargeting campaigns”

“The technology used to display your flipbook has to be able to adapt to different screen sizes and multiple operating systems, for mobile and desktop.”

  •  And finally, we made a list of free fonts you can download and start using right now as headlines in your publications.

How to make your embedded Photosnack slideshow responsive

Nowadays smartphones and tablets account for 60% of all online traffic. Add that to Google’s most recent update in which websites with mobile friendly versions got a ranking boost and it’s easy to understand how important it is that your website is fully responsive.

If you create your slideshow in Photosnack, we provide a responsive version of the embed code which you can easily implement on your website. First you need to retrieve the embed code for your slideshow, make sure you check the “Enable responsive embed code”

Next you need to implement the embed code on your website. You can wrap the iframe code we provide in a div and set the max-width and height for the div element. The code should look similar to this:

  • <div style=”max-width: 500px; height: 384px;”><iframe style=”border:none” src=”http://files.photosnack.com/iframejs/embed.html?hash=ptk3ep3j&t=1431591303″ width=”100%” height=”100%” allowfullscreen=”true” mozallowfullscreen=”true” webkitallowfullscreen=”true” ></iframe></div>

In case you want the slideshow to be full width, all you have to do is replace max-width: 500px with width: 100%.

And this is the result: