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How to make a photo slideshow and post it on Blogger

July 30th, 2012

We like to share the good moments in life, events and travels.

First, we capture them in pictures. Then we use social media, blogs and websites to make them visible for friends or a larger audience. If you use Blogger, make the most of it and post a nice  photo slideshow on it .

You can make a photo slideshow with PhotoSnack:
1. Go to PhotoSnack and log in
2. Upload photos
3. Choose a template and customize the settings
4. Publish – Copy the embed code

Post photo slideshow to Blogger
1. Log in
2. Create new post

3. Paste the embed code in the HTML version of your post

Tip: If you want to post some text before the photo slideshow, go to compose, write your text, then go to HTML and add the embed code on a line by itself.


32 Responses to “How to make a photo slideshow and post it on Blogger”

  1. Bernard Says:

    Hi, your app is nice but you’ve just changed it…
    And I don’t find the ability to autostart the slideshow anymore !
    Could you help please ?

  2. Jani Says:

    Hello Bernard,
    There are some templates that have the auto slideshow option, and some don’t. So you can either choose a template that has this option, or edit as new an album you created before the changes.

    Good luck!

  3. pala Says:

    thanks dude very simple and helpfull

  4. Sayib Says:

    Thanks it’s Great… and your Website is cool by the way

  5. Jani Says:

    Thank you Sayib!

  6. Ripon Says:

    Thanks to share it. I like it.

  7. Abid Omar Says:

    Nice and simple post..
    I decided to make app guide blog and i want make a slideshow of app screenshots.
    it is very helpful for me.


  8. Jani Says:

    Thank you Abid, that’s very nice of you! Let us know if you need our help.

  9. manoj Says:

    i like to make slide show in my Marathi website.

  10. Jani Says:

    Hi Manoj, just make a slideshow with PhotoSnack and use the embed code in your website’s code.

  11. Almir Ferreira Says:

    thanks man, it was exactly what I was looking for!!

  12. Teri Says:

    Thanks so much! The slideshow looks awesome. What is the best image size to use? My photos have text and it’s a little hard to read… Any suggestions?

  13. Jani Says:

    Hi Teri! There isn’t a standard image size you should use with PhotoSnack. It all depends on the screen resolution, because the slideshow will show differently on a high resolution screen and on a small tablet.

  14. Quang Olimar Says:

    Great thank u

  15. Ely Says:

    Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much!!! :D

  16. Brooke Says:

    Hi, I was just editing my flipbook, and I was wondering if the comments we put on our pictures during step one are visible during the final project? I am making this for a class, and I need the captions to be seen. How can I do that?

  17. Jani Says:

    Hi Brooke, are you using PhotoSnack? You can make the comments visible by checking the “show image info” option (in the Settings section, step 2 – customize) If you need more info or help, you can talk to us online via live chat, on PhotoSnack.

  18. Adeel Asral Says:

    Thanks brother for awesome information….:P

  19. Machani Ashok Kumar Says:

    Hi !
    It very helpfull to me thanku brother


  20. Ahtisham Says:

    Can I display my blogger own images to slide show ?

  21. Jani Says:

    Yes, you can use PhotoSnack to upload your own images, and then post it to Blogger!

  22. cho thue xe du lich Says:

    it nice code for blog

  23. Md. Shahadath Hossain Says:

    That’s great. Adding a slideshow to my site now.


  24. Nurul Says:

    nice, easy and thank you!

  25. Biodivn Says:

    Thank you very much, It work well in my blog, but they don’t show description for each photo. Please help me, thanks

  26. Jani Says:

    @Biodivn you will need to go to PhotoSnack and click edit to edit your slideshow. Then click “next” to go to the customize step. To add descriptions click Edit all: Make sure you check the box for “Show image info” and finish. The change will automatically appear on your blog. If you need any more help, find us online via live chat!

  27. Nicki Says:

    I’m trying to use my iPad to post a slideshow to my blog. For some reason I can’t copy the embedded code. I’ve just paid to be a vip member and I’m getting very frustrated. When I click the embedded link it comes up but when I click ‘copy’ nothing happens. Please help. Thanks

  28. Jani Says:

    Hi Nicky, please contact us via live chat or email ( and we will help!

  29. Utsav gohil Says:

    Hey there, awesome thing. I really like it to making slideshow in my site.

  30. tutorial89 Says:

    thank you so much, but i searcing use code CSS and javascript,
    are you have?

  31. Jani Says:

    We provide an HTML5 embed code that you can use on any type of website.

  32. Rajeev Joshi Says:

    Very effective tool and thanks for sharing, I tried it and very useful and easy.

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