SnackTools points

A more flexible pricing system!

About the points system

SnackTools points are the only currency you need to pay for the premium features throughout our applications.

Even though we have this points system, you can perform most actions within the SnackTools apps without purchasing any points. In fact, you can create a full flash banner or a complete photo slideshow without spending a single point. The only situation in which points are required is when you want to publish your work, the final step in each of our apps. More precisely, you will need to pay if you wish to get a watermark-free embed, if you need more views/day, if you want to download your object or if you need to see advanced stats in PollSnack.

Which apps are using the points system?

Currently, this points system can be used in all of our apps: PhotoSnack, PodSnack, TubeSnack, PollSnack, FlipSnack, SlideSnack and NotifySnack. The points system will also be readily available to use on all new applications released through SnackTools. New SnackTools applications are currently in progress and will be ready for release in the near future.

How do I get points?

The most practical way to get points is to order them as you go; when you need a few points to publish an item, you can purchase 10 points (the minimum). However, it can be more cost effective to purchase points in bulk.

Another way to get points is to receive them for free, on special occasions, contests, partnerships, or as a bonus due to a high volume of usage.

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What about the Snack VIP membership?

For companies or people who use our apps on a current basis, we have created the Snack VIP membership (subscription). The membership works like this: you pay a monthly (or yearly) rate and you don't have to worry about points anymore. The Snack VIP membership provides you with the freedom to do what you want throughout the applications without paying anything extra.

Any unused points that you might have before getting a Snack VIP membership will remain available to use after the subscription becomes inactive.

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