Should we still market our products with brochures? How to design and digitalize them?

how to make brochure

In this era of video and audio content marketing domination, classic strategies such as magazines, brochures and flyers are still being used. Their effectiveness has been proven over the years and marketers can never ignore good marketing strategies just because they are not in the news as being the latest trends in this area.

Brochure design is still a thing in 2017 and it will continue to be as long as there will be shops, brands and businesses that will use this strategy among other strategies, for marketing purposes. Some things have changed, while other things remained the same but first, let’s see how brochures are used in marketing.

How to Make Your Business Blog More Attractive

They say that if you are not on social media, you don’t exist. I say that there is no better way to express your thoughts and ideas on both personal and professional levels than having a blog. 

Blogs are important whether we are talking about personal branding or business profile.

If we are talking about personal branding, you should start a blog to document your journey, to share your ideas and to give advice to others in your industry. If we are talking about your company, you should start a blog to showcase where it all started, the evolution of the business, your news on the business or team.

Tips for creating an awesome online survey

Thousands of boring surveys are created right now. Considering that an online survey is sometimes the middle man between your company and your audience, boring is not an option.

A survey will not only give you useful insights about your audience but will also establish the connection between you and your users. You can determine the reason why your customers are leaving, what features they would like you to add to your product, develop a buyer persona and more.

Bannersnack’s 3 new features that will boost your conversion rate

There are a few online companies that have revolutionised industries over the years.
Buffer revolutionizes the way we post on social media, Ahrefs will skyrocket your SEO strategy and Crazy Egg, through their heat maps, will help you make the right decisions regarding your website’s design and functionality.

Now, when it comes to creating banners, Bannersnack is your go-to guy.

They are constantly trying to improve their tool by adding new features and new cool templates for you to choose from. By using Bannersnack you will have access to professional stock photos, and they even went through the hassle of removing the background, so you can use images with transparent backgrounds. You can also use cliparts, professional fonts, embed elements like Youtube videos and add buttons. If you are not a designer, you can start by choosing a slick template.

Podsnack – New limitations for the free version and new subscription options

Starting today there will be a new limitation to the free version of Podsnack: with a free account you will only be able to create up to 5 playlists. As our user base has grown over the years our bandwidth usage has also increased exponentially and in order to be able to offer a truly premium experience to our paid users unfortunately we need to add this limitation in the free version. If you wish to create more than 5 playlists and make them premium you can purchase a subscription here and for a limited time only you can use this code PODMARCH16 for 25% off!

We are also discontinuing the Pod Pro subscription and replacing it with the new Pod Lite subscription. With the Pod Lite subscription you will be able to create unlimited watermark free playlists. For a full rundown of our subscriptions options and everything that’s included in them check out our go premium page!