3 Steps in creating an HTML image slideshow with music

We make photo slideshows for various reasons: to showcase the beautiful photos we took, to make a presentation on a certain topic or an album of special memories. Do you know what you could do to make your slideshow extra special? Add some music!
Here are the main steps in creating a music photo slideshow using PhotoSnack:

1. Browse pictures and upload photos from your PC or use albums from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, SmugMug or Instagram. You can rearrange the pictures with drag and drop, or by using the arrows. You can also delete photos from album.

2. Next step is “customize”. There are several things to do:

Choose a template. Under the template list you have a preview box where you will see all the changes you make to your photo slideshow.
Change the size to fit the size of your blog container or website.
Audio. You can choose a song from a list, or upload your own music. Do you hear violins playing in the background when you remember a romantic getaway?  With PhotoSnack you can insert that music into your slideshow. You can make your music photo album start playing when people access the page, or when they click a button.
Some templates have the option to adjust the speed of the slides.

3. When you are happy with your photo slideshow, click “finish”. Post your direct link to Facebook, Twitter or embed your photo slideshow into any online platform.

Here’s a music photo album I created with PhotoSnack. Click the sound button on the upper left and enjoy!

  1. Re-order and arange the pictures according to your own preferences. If you want to exclude some picture simply click “Remove” and they will dissappear from the picture set display.

  2. The customized step gives you the option to change size, color

For those moments when you want to linger there is the option to adjust the speed of the slides (Go to: Navigation- Slideshow- Slideshow speed).

As PhotoSnack can be either simple or a more complex display, music can be inserted into the slides. To include music into transitions go to: Music- Audio- select a track from the given playlist or upload a track at your choice.

  1. The preview option will give you a quick display of how your photoslideshow will appear. So if the widget turned out as you disered the next step is to use the sharing option to post your direct link to a website, facebook, twitter or on any other online platform.

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