Now you can create banners for AdWords

I know that many of you use Google AdWords to promote your online businesses. And I think probably some of you use graphic ads (banners) in Google’s Display Network websites to drive more traffic to your website.

Graphical ads stand for animated and static (non-animated) image ads. Image ad files must be 50K in file size or smaller. Animated ads can be formatted as either .gif or .swf (Flash) files and static (non-animated) image ads can be formatted as .jpeg, .gif, or .png files.

The Bad News: still no support for ActionScript 3.0 Flash

Google states that Flash graphical ads must be compatible with Flash Player version 4-10 and therefore the ones created in ActionScript 1-3 are accepted. Although the Flash banners created with BannersSnack meet Google’s requirements, they are not accepted in AdWords campaigns.

So we wondered what could be the problem. We’ve flagged this situation to Google and for a while they’ve edited the text containing the information about the requirements for Flash banners (they stated in the edited text that only ActionScript 1-2 Flash banners are accepted). However, we’ve noticed that they recently got the old text back on, but still with no improvement in their support for ActionScript 3 banners. We have tried to submit ActionScript 3 banners made with Adobe Flash to see whether BannerSnack files in particular are the problem. Needless to say, the banners weren’t accepted.

The only logical conclusion is that Google AdWords doesn’t yet accept ActionScript 3.o Flash banners in spite of what they state on their website.

The Good News: AdWords accepts animated GIF

As we’ve announced yesterday, now you can export your banners in a .gif format, free of charge, and use them with Google AdWords or with any other advertising networks that only support GIF banners.

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