Embed music player in Webs

Right after you sign up for Webs, they offer you a quick tour of the site to see how it works. That’s nice of them, but they don’t show you how to embed widgets on Webs. No problem, I will help you!
If you want to post a music player in Webs, follow these easy steps.

First, you need a player to embed. Podsnack is perfect for that.
1. Log in (with FB, twitter, google or mail)
2. Build a playlist – Add tracks (from computer/ from youtube/ record)
I like that you can add music straight from youtube – you don’t have to use other programs to download your favourite music first.
3. Choose a template, change the color and style to fit the look of your Webs page
4. Publish – you want to copy the embed code

Now go to Webs
1. Sign in and go to edit site

2. Add new page or edit one of your existing pages – it depends on where you want your player to be
3. Click layout (bottom of the page)

4. Drag and drop Custom HTML.
Double click to edit, then paste the code in the new window.
Save changes.
5. You can add more content by going back to General. Don’t forget to publish.

Now let’s all enjoy your music!


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