Friday links #1

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Did you lovely people had a great week ? Here, at SnackTools, we had a busy one. Yesterday we published our first Facebook application, a fun quiz for photoshoppers.  Also we are preparing to launch a new web application that will help your audio files conquer the web. Working hard on that, as I told you in a previous article.

This is the first post of a “Friday links” series we’re planning to publish on our blog. We’d like to share with you what got our attention during the week. Hope you will share your favorites too.

Want to start a new company and test the waters? Write down your ideas, show it to all the smart people you know and ask ask ask what do they think about these ideas. “You’ll be surprised how much you’ll learn” says Chris Dixon. Asking potential customers, big company employees, VCs and entrepreneurs is a very important step you must do.

There are millions of web sites out there and among them, some that are huge and that we all know. They changed the internet. Just think about it … Google extended his arms into almost every aspect of the Internet, Twitter changed the way we communicate, YouTube made it possible for us to view and share video online and now it’s the second largest US search engine. These are only few of the sites mentioned in the list. Worth taking a look.

Do you know which are the most tempting software startup categories? I’ll let you discover them here.

Need some photography inspiration? This is a short “tip post” where you can find lots of interesting photos and great communities of people interested in the art of photography.

Amazing pictures of lighthouses, perfect for the weekend, they’re just like a breeze of fresh air.

This is what we found interesting, what are your favorite links? We hope you nice guys have a killer weekend! Hugs

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