Friday links #12

Hi, here we are in front of a great weekend … this is how I think it will be. Any plans for the next two days?

Before I end this week, let me note dawn what I found worth telling you. As a beginner in blogging I’m very interested in reading how experienced bloggers build their way. If you too are writing a company blog or your personal blog, finding a voice to express your ideas is very important. This is why I recommend this article, posted on Copyblogger, a popular blog I’m sure you’ve heard about.

Do you sell online? Do you use photos in order to do that? If so, here’s something you will like, published by one of the biggest blogs on design and development, SmashingMagazine, How to use photos to sell more.  “Tell a story” was the part that draw my attention, I believe that people need, well I should say… people love stories, to see that there is more than a product or a service. It helps them connect, get closer to what you sell and see more details. I found the tips very useful!

A little inspiration for the web designers out there (but not only for them), warm versus cool website designs. Have you found something that you like a lot?

Banner ads are part of what we do, is where we started with the first application, our banner maker. Perhaps this is why the blog post said something to me Banner ads: excellent examples for inspiration – “a showcase of different ways that a few websites show their ads, which might be helpful when it’s time to place banner ads on your site”.

Hope  you had a beautiful week and you’re preparing for an awesome weekend.

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