Friday links #15

Weekend knocking at our door … the week just flew by. How were your days?

Ok my friends, let me write down what nice things I found lately. I will start with a very delicious article, about Chocolate websites that just look amazing. The collection is published by SmashingMagazine, a blog I’m sure most of you are very familiar with. In the same idea, here are 40 tasty restaurant websites for your inspiration. They look good, right?

Another post to inspire you is published by WebDesignerLedger, 40 blog designs. So if you’re looking to refresh your blog’s image or thinking about creating a new one, you’ll find nice things here.

I will end this blog post with a very interesting article, about influence on the web, but especially about the people that “have it”. Lisa Barone, which I admire because I have a lot to learn from her, divided the influencers in five categories (or as she calls them types): the social butterflies, the thought leader, the trendsetter, the reporter and the everyday customer. Hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I did.

See you next week, have a wonderful weekend!

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