Friday links #18

How did this week passed?  It’s Friday again, so its time to post some links that got my attention. I would like to begin with an amazing collection: 50 examples of animal photography. Told you it’s pretty impressive.

For a little inspiration, here is a showcase of fresh texture-based web designs. As Noupe wrote, textured images were a big trend this year and sometimes they were used heavily, perhaps a little to much. But used in a subtle way, as the examples posted in his article can make a website look very good.

Need a Twitter bird for your blog or website? Or perhaps you’re tired if the old one and want to change it. Then this might help you, 10 free and fun bird icons. Number 10 is my favorite.

To end this blog post I want to share with you an article that I found very interesting, related to marketing: Techniques from, one of the most popular ecommerce websites around. Use amazing imagery, create a sense of exclusivity for your members, create a story and customize for multiple platforms are just four of the 10 lessons you can learn.

Hope you’ll have a beautiful weekend, see you next week!

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