Friday links #20

There are so many resources for web designers out there. Amazing! People want to share their work and make it available for others. That’s one of the nice things about the Internet. Regarding this, Brant Wilson made a huge effort to collect 2000 free photoshop patterns from around the web. What a valuable resource, hope you will send it to every designer you know.

Interesting facts about how people interact with brands on Facebook.  The first thing that motivates them to Like a specific company is the fact that they receive discounts and promotions (40%). The article is very interesting, here is a short hint “On the surface, some of these findings seem to conflict with the idea of users being resistant to marketing messages. But the real takeaway is that users like brands for a wide variety of reasons, and the mix of content you post to your Facebook Page should reflect that.”

You perhaps know about our passion for flash, no wondering all of our apps are developed on this multimedia platform. Recently I found a collection of flash portfolio websites. They look great and have that “wow” factor, you should check them out for inspiration. What do you think?

And because I liked it and because her photos are like sweet summer memories I recommend you to view the work of a talented photographer, Laura Taylor.

Wish you a perfect weekend!

*** image credits Laura Taylor

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