Friday links #3

It’s Friday again my friends, how was your week till now? For us, it was great because yesterday we released an ebook that kept our minds busy lately.

The ebook’s title is  25 Best Practices In Banner Advertising and it was written to help you dramatically improve the way you advertise online and create successful banner ads. You can download it for free from BannerSnack Blog and share it with whoever might benefit from reading it, tweet it, post it on your blog. We would be deligthed.

Ok now, let me tell you what I found interesting this week:

Twitter want’s to be better looking and they announced that the interface will be redesigned, I discovered a sneak peek photo posted on Mashable. New stats will be displayed on profiles: average number of tweets per day, for how many days you’ve been on Twitter, percentage of @replies recently. Perhaps there will be more new interesting things, we’ll wait and see.

Did you know how brands are using social media for real world action? Here are 6 ways explained by Daniel Stein, a digital marketing and consumer engagement expert. This blog post will answer the question “What to do with Twitter and Facebook to help my business/cause?”

Typography is an integral part of design, an important part I could say. Do you agree? Then you’ll find this article writen by SixRevision very interesting: A basic look at typography in web design.

Before I end this post, I want to leave a great source of inspiration Breathtaking photos from National Geographic contests. I’m sure you will like it.

Wish you an awesome sunny weekend!

***Image credits Patrick Gage

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