How to make a photo slideshow and post it on Blogger

We like to share the good moments in life, events and travels.

First, we capture them in pictures. Then we use social media, blogs and websites to make them visible for friends or a larger audience. If you use Blogger, make the most of it and post a niceĀ  photo slideshow on it .

You can make a photo slideshow with PhotoSnack:
1. Go to PhotoSnack and log in
2. Upload photos
3. Choose a template and customize the settings
4. Publish – Copy the embed code

Post photo slideshow to Blogger
1. Log in
2. Create new post

3. Paste the embed code in the HTML version of your post

Tip: If you want to post some text before the photo slideshow, go to compose, write your text, then go to HTML and add the embed code on a line by itself.



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