Unlimited hosting for everything you create with our tools

Free hosting

When you publish a banner, a slideshow, a playlist or any other SnackTools widget, you create a new object on our cloud (hosting servers). All these objects will remain hosted online indefinitely. The objects will only be removed from our database when the user voluntarily deletes them or the user account is closed.

Pay once, get unlimited hosting!

Once you use your points to unlock a premium publish option, it will remain unlocked and available forever (at least for as long as snacktools.com exists). The only limit is: 25,000 views per day for each widget (from our statistics, most widgets don't exceed 3,000 to 4,000 views per day). All items unlocked with points include 25,000 views/day, Snack VIP items include 25,000 views/day and Business items include 50,000+ views/day.

A similar logic applies for VIP members, who can unlock any number of premium publishing options and get unlimited hosting for them, as long as they keep their subscription active.

Note: If, by any chance, you get more than the maximum views per widget in a single day, your widget will not be displayed that day anymore, instead a link to the widget's direct link page will be displayed in the same area and people will be able to view the widget in a new page. If you think you'll get more than 25,000 views per day we recommend you to get the Business membership or to download and host your widget on your server.

Yes, our cloud is reliable!

We use Amazon's award winning AWS technologies and servers (S3, EC2, CF) to make sure you get the safest hosting at the highest speed available. Currently there's no better publicly available hosting solution. Your widgets will never get stuck, will be up in time and will be played at the highest speed available. If you're a constant web author you will love our seamlessly integrated hosting solution.