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From Snacktools to Flipsnack

Flipbooks, catalogs, magazines & more

Flipsnack was launched as part of the Snacktools family of apps. Back in 2011, when Flipsnack was born, there were other 8 web applications in Snacktools’ portfolio. Just to name a few: Bannersnack (currently Creatopy), Snackwebsites, Photosnack, Quizsnack, Slidesnack, and others.

Today, Flipsnack is 10 years old and reached over 6 million users. What started as a simple PDF to flash flipbook tool, today, Flipsnack has become the one-stop destination for all publishing needs of brands like HBO, Pfizer, Pandora, Telegraph, and many others. They use Flipsnack for both internal and external communication.

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